Create Music Player for micro:bit

Music Player based on micro:bit — BoomBit

Inbuilt speaker and headphone support | Volume controller | Easy connections

BBC micro:bit is a name that fascinates every kid and enthusiast to learn more about programming and computers than just being the consumers of media. We have been using micro:bit for a variety of projects that helps us understand this controller’s features and functions. We love to program with Micro:bit. But looks like there is something missing? Like a sound? But now, it comes with a twist! We introduce to you BoomBit, a speaker for your Micro:bit.

BoomBit — Music Player for micro:bit

Unlike other external wired speaker connections to the micro:bit, the BoomBit is a screwable speaker to the micro:bit making it pretty loud. Placed on the top using the ‘P0’, ‘P3’ and the ‘GND’ pins only, it is playing audio files using the micro:bit. It also lets you control the volume with a volume knob. It has a 3.5 mm audio jack port that lets you plug in your earphones and an audio switch mode that lets you change the mode from earphones to speaker. The best part is, we are starting the delivery of Boom:bit from the upcoming new year 2021 onwards.

BoomBit — Music Player based on micro:bit



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